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The #1 Problem in Hydraulics.


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Did you know the #1 problem in hydraulics is contamination?

Contamination has two primary sources; component wear, and opening the hydraulic system.
With typical time-based maintenance programs, the system is opened up every few months whether it needs to be or not. Changing filters early may be actually adding contamination to the system. We recommend condition-based monitoring.
We will come to your site and take oil samples from each of your hydraulic systems to size, count, and identify the particulates currently in the fluid; without introducing any additional contamination to the system. We can then determine the base-line health of each system and provide recommendations for your service scheduling.

What’s Included in our OHM Program?

While every Outsourced Hydraulic Management contract is customized to the client’s needs and circumstances, here are a few items that are typically included in the program:

A proactive maintenance program begins with oil sampling. Particulates found in the fluid are compared to established  standards. We offer on-site sampling and testing, alternately we can send your samples to the lab for a deeper analysis.

All supplies needed to monitor and maintain your system are included in the program.

In some cases, consulting and documentation services may be required to proceed. When bundled as part of an OHM contract, you can see significant savings compared to ordering these services independently.

Contracted emergency service hours can be included in the OHM contract, easily saving you thousands in overtime charges and lost production time.

Training is at the core of what we’re known for. We will work with your staff, both on-site and off-site, to increase their knowledge and effectiveness with your specific equipment. When bundled with the OHM contract, you can access reduced pricing and guaranteed seating in our popular classes.

Why Outsource To Advanced Hydraulic Solutions?

The AHS team has a combined experience of over 63 years in the industry. Our knowledge and expertise has made our team members the top choice with hundreds of clients.

Our comprehensive OHM program enables you to minimize downtime, optimize your production, reduce your maintenance costs, and rest assured that your hydraulic systems are under our watchful eye, and careful evaluation.

Who Is Outsourced Hydraulic Management For?

Organizations of all sizes that lack the necessary dedicated staff to effectively oversee their hydraulic systems, but need better management of supplies and maintenance resources.

Most of our customers find that this service pays for itself. We eliminate unnecessary filter changes, reduce unnecessary contamination, and provide understanding about the real health of your hydraulic system before it fails, drastically reducing costly downtime in the future. ​Let us show you how efficient condition-based monitoring can be.

Because of the highly customized nature of our OHM program, the next step is to discuss your specific needs. Contact us today!

Significantly improve your hydraulic system maintenance plan!