Advanced Hydraulic Solutions Provides Hydraulics Training & Consulting That Helps Keep Our Clients Up And Running

At Advanced Hydraulics Solutions we know how important the smooth operation of your business is to you. That’s why we focus on hydraulic training and consulting designed to reduce your downtime, avoid wasted effort, and save you money.

Our multiple group and onsite training programs are structured to teach your maintenance personnel everything from basic hydraulic functionality to safety to troubleshooting and diagnostics to repair. In addition, we provide customized hydraulic consulting, system documentation, and contracted maintenance services.

Our number one goal is to empower your maintenance team to help you reduce your downtime, avoid wasted effort, and save you money.

Scott McLoughlin
The Hydraulics Whisperer

Since 1996, our founder and principal instructor, Scott McLoughlin, has been training and supervising industrial maintenance teams across a wide range of hydraulic systems. While others in our industry specialize in single manufacturer hydraulic equipment, Scott has built a career on his ability to troubleshoot and repair any and every system he’s encountered.

What's Scott's secret? He focuses on fundamentals of hydraulics, getting to the root cause of each and every problem he encounters. Perhaps that's why some of our clients consider him something of a "Hydraulics Whisperer."

When Scott opened Advanced Hydraulic Solutions’ doors in 2009, he knew that his consulting and training  work would take the same “fundamentals first” approach. As a result, our team and our clients are ability to troubleshoot and solve problems faster and at a lower cost.

Having consulted on hundreds of projects and taught more than 1400 students, Scott and the rest of the Advanced Hydraulic Solutions team look forward to the opportunity to support your business' hydraulics service and training needs too.


We Train Problem Solvers,
Not Parts Changers

Not all hydraulic systems are the same. But the fundamentals are. That’s why we’ve structured our main training program in three parts, in order to ensure your maintenance personnel understand the fundamentals of the systems they’re working with before attempting to tackle the components and complex troubleshooting. Each part of our Hands-On Hydraulics course builds on the curriculum of the previous part. The result is better trained team members who can help your business reduce downtime and save money. In addition to our main 3 part training course, we offer additional hands-on training throughout the year on accumulator safety, fluid lines & fittings, and refresher classes for previous students looking to update their expertise. In order to guarantee as much hands-on learning as possible, all class sizes are limited. Register now to ensure a seat in the class you want.*

*In-person classes are currently on-hold due to COVID-19.

"What I learned in this class will greatly improve my ability to perform my job. I have learned more in 3 days than in years on the job." -Hank Nemetz, Simpson Timber

Solving Your Biggest Problems


Our clients know that when hydraulic problems have them scratching their heads, they call Advanced Hydraulic Solutions. If you want to get the most from existing hydraulic equipment, eliminate needless component replacement, stop recurring component failures, decrease unscheduled downtime, or reduce operating costs, we can help.



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