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We proudly represent manufacturers of the highest quality hydraulic products. Featuring a full range of hydraulic components, supplies, and materials.

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Premier Fluid Power Product Lines

Advanced Hydraulic Solutions provides a full range of hydraulic supplies and materials. From the largest project to the smallest fitting, we proudly represent manufacturers of the highest quality products available, at the most competitive prices.

Over nearly 30 years of product testing, we have ran into situations (due to lengthy lead times) that required us to test nearly every brand of hydraulic products available. We have chosen to represent the best of those brands. Through our rigorous testing and evaluation, we have determined these brands to provide high reliability and performance. From our training benches to our test stands, the brands we represent here are the brands that we actually use in our own hydraulic systems. They provide a complete product line offering some of the shortest lead times on the market today, at the lowest possible price points. With clean fluid and proper engineering, you can expect that any brand on this page will exceed your expectations.

Performance Plus® Hydraulic Fluid

We first double-filter our Performance Plus® oil through a 2µ element, then package it in 5-gallon buckets, 55-gallon drums, and 325-gallon totes, providing you convenient, ready access to the right amount of clean oil for your needs. On-site pumping service and emergency delivery are also available. When you suddenly need oil, you know we can get it to you fast.

Parker® Hose, Fittings, and Fluid Lines

From your local winery to the most complex aerospace missions, Parker Hydraulics provides superior quality and reliability. In addition, Parker offers the most complex and diverse offering of products available from any major hydraulics product manufacturer in the world today. No matter what your application, Parker Hydraulics is a serious choice for the long-term operation of your system.

We are pleased to be an official distributor for Parker Hydraulics. When you buy a hose assembly from us, you can expect that every hose has been crimped, verified, ‘pigged’ (a process to clean the inside of the hose after fabrication), and capped by our well-trained staff. You can rest assured that you are buying a product that will not cause you any headaches. We can do this for you in our shop, or at your facility. Even in an emergency, our staff can be at your location within 1-2 hours (plus travel) anytime, day or night.

Hydac® Test Equipment and Components

We proudly distribute Hydac test gauges, test fittings, accumulator test equipment, as well as many other components. When you test your equipment, rest assured that you are doing it safely and accurately.

Due to their vast product line and innovative design features, Hydac is consistently ranked as one of the top brands in the industry. They can also be considered to be one of the safest and most reliable product lines available. We are proud to represent Hydac hydraulic products.

Whatever your hydraulic needs, we have you covered with best price and shortest lead time!