Hydraulic Service and Installation

We work on any equipment, large or small, and are experienced with many brands and manufacturers. When you need a real solution, not a quick fix, we are the best choice in the Pacific Northwest.

Phone: (971) 264-0400

Email: hydraulic.help@ahsinc.us

On-Site Service

While we are all about preventative maintenance, we know that occasionally, repair work is necessary.

Our goal is to get you up and running fast, without skimping or gouging. We select components that best match your existing maintenance program. Further, we ensure that repairs, new systems, and system retrofits are designed with ease of maintenance at the forefront. This helps keep your long-term cost of ownership low.

Every quote is listed in detail so that you know exactly what you are getting in advance.

“Good enough” is never good enough for us! Across the board, we have the highest standards in the industry. If you’re tired of inconsistent results, inaccurate designs, unfixed issues, unreliable equipment, and easy work turning into difficult headaches, give us a call, we are your solution.

     How our on-site services can help you:

  • Mobile hose repair, fitting replacement, leak evaluation.
  • Analysis of low oil indicators, overheating issues, plugged filters, non-functioning actuators, accumulator issues, poor pump or machine performance, maintenance issues, electric motor issues.
  • Laboratory or real-time oil sampling.
  • Comprehensive machine health evaluations.
  • Preventative maintenance schedule creation and implementation support.
  • System design and functionality assessments.
  • On-site documentation services for nearly any equipment.
  • Complete system design and installation.
  • System re-design and retrofit.
  • Actuator redesigns and re-engineering.
  • Plumbing reworks of all sizes.
  • Call us for more…

Emergency Service

When equipment is down and staff is idle, the only thing that matters is how quickly the problem is resolved. We pride ourselves at being ‘the fastest brains in the west’ when it comes to hydraulics.

Our intensively trained fluid power specialists and technicians can diagnose your issue faster and more accurately than other hydraulic service providers. We can breakdown and inspect parts to determine the cause of failure on-site.

Further, our technicians carry a collection of various components to get you going right away, even if an exact replacement is not immediately available. However, we disagree with the ‘throw parts at it’ mentality. We will never change a component that we are not sure is part of the issue.

We work closely with manufacturers that sport the lowest lead times in the business to provide you next-day delivery of nearly any needed hydraulic component to ensure Band-Aid fixes remain in service as briefly as possible.

To finish the job, we can deliver any amount of hydraulic fluid, same-day, ensuring your system is ready to run as soon as the repair is completed.

    Emergency Service Highlights:

  • Fast, expert system diagnosis – No guessing!
  • Immediate repair possible in most cases
  • Large variety of key components on hand
  • Next day delivery of hydraulic components
  • Hydraulic fluid available anytime
  • Same-day leak assessment, hose repair, and fitting replacement
  • Available 24/7/365

AHS also provides same-day mobile hose repair, fitting replacement, as well as leak assessment and repair.

When you need to get up and running as fast as possible, we are the best choice for emergency hydraulic service in the Pacific Northwest.

Available within 1 hour of the time you call (plus travel time) during normal business hours, and within 2 hours (plus travel time) after hours. Count on us when it counts – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Off-Site Repair

We focus on the details most often overlooked by typical repair services. When repairing a cylinder we change every seal (including the seal under the piston), mic every bore and rod, to ensure the equipment is up to manufacturer specifications. We clean every surface, buff and shine every inch of every part to ensure the repair you get back is as good as possible.

Components are tested along the entire operation path. This includes pressure-testing cylinders for 15 minutes at no less than 3 different points along the cylinder, depending on length, to ensure the entire stroke is functional. Pumps are tested across their entire pressure spectrum and RPM range to ensure total performance. We maintain ‘servo-clean’ oil in our test stand so that the components you get back are not adding contamination to your system.

    Shop repair capabilities:

  • Cylinder repair
  • Accumulator repair
  • Full power unit breakdown and evaluation
  • Pump evaluation and repair
  • Valve evaluation and repair
  • Full equipment evaluation and documentation
  • Repair of small-bore cylinders up to 12’ stroke length, and large bore cylinders up to 6’ stroke length.
  • We regularly handle up to 1000 gallon hydraulic systems and manufacture power units up to 300 horsepower.

If 95% of your repairs are not lasting at least 2 years, they are being done incorrectly.