Fluid Power Consulting

Benefits of AHS Fluid Power Consulting:

  • Reduce operating costs!
  • Decrease unscheduled downtime!
  • Get more from existing equipment!
  • Stop recurring component failures!
  • End needless parts replacement!

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Email: hydraulic.help@ahsinc.us

“AHS has completed numerous projects for us and we have the upmost

confidence in their abilities to finish on schedule and within costs.”

– David Garney, Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.

  • Resolve ongoing hydraulic or pneumatic system problems.
  • Determine the root cause of malfunctions and performance issues.
  • Improve the performance and efficiency of your existing equipment.
  • Check the accuracy of the most current schematics.
  • Eliminate problems before they happen.
  • Accurately predict and schedule component replacement.
  • Experience faster troubleshooting and repair.
  • Customized preventive maintenance schedule and associated step by step guide.
  • Integrated tracker provides a traceable record of machine maintenance.
  • Changing machine requirements can mandate hydraulic system changes.
  • Power units or complete system design and specification.
  • Upgrade or improve existing equipment.
  • We specify the optimum components for use in your system.
  • Current system design flaws can be identified and corrected, saving thousands.
  • Reduce costly design errors by getting a second opinion on proposed systems.
  • Analysis of supplier-proposed hydraulic systems.
  • Uncover design weaknesses before they become built-in.
  • Verify that all hydraulic design parameters will be satisfied safely and effectively.
  • Ensure that expertise, materials and manpower are all on-site when needed

Caster Billet Pusher/Weigher

When it became necessary to add weighing capability to the existing billet pusher hydraulic system, the decision was made to greatly expand the hpu room and build a new expanded power unit as well. AHS was tasked with designing the new power unit and associated valving. In addition, we were asked to draw floor plans to ensure that all of the equipment and piping would fit in the new building, with room to spare. The project came off without a hitch, and has been up and running ever since.

HPU and Fluid Conditioning - AFTER
HPU and Fluid Conditioning - PLANNING
Hydraulic Power Unit - BEFORE
Hydraulic Power Unit - BEFORE
Valves and Filtration - AFTER
Valves and Filtration - BEFORE
Valves and Filtration - BEFORE
Hydraulic Power Unit - AFTER
HPU Room Overview - PLANNING

Electric Arc Furnace

One of our steel mill clients asked us to redesign their electric arc furnace hydraulic system, and to manage the project. The challenge was to get all materials and components on-site before work was scheduled to be started, and then to manage the many contractors necessary to make it all happen. It was completed on-time and under-budget, the first charge was fired on New Year’s Eve.

Electric Arc Furnace HPU - AFTER
Electric Arc Furnace HPU - BEFORE
Electric Arc Furnace Valve Stand - AFTER
Electric Arc Furnace Valves - BEFORE
Electrric Arc Furnace HPU - AFTER
Electric Arc Furnace HPU - BEFORE

Caster Strands

Originally this system was designed with proportional valves and European valve patterns that made sourcing parts difficult and expensive. While documenting the system, Advanced Hydraulic Solutions discovered that only two pressures were needed to maintain full system functionality. We went to work changing the system to a dual pressure circuit, using standard valve patterns that are in stock locally. In addition, we designed and built custom ductile iron manifolds that would accept standard replacement parts. This streamlined maintenance and made inventory management a breeze for the customer.

Caster Strands - AFTER
Caster Strands - BEFORE
Caster Strands - AFTER
Caster Strands - BEFORE
Caster Strands - AFTER
Caster Strands - BEFORE

Compressor House

The company commissioned a study on their aging compressed air system. It showed that 43% of the capacity of their 1400 HP air compressor was being lost as wasted energy, due to poor system design and antiquated controls. Advanced Hydraulic Solutions designed a replacement system to increase the air capacity of the plant to 1850 HP, while saving roughly 500 HP of energy. The 1.5 million dollar project was completed in less than four weeks. Estimates show a roughly $160,000/year reduction in energy consumption.

The old compressor house is dismantled.
Preparing the site for a new air compressor system.
The new compressors and tanks are positioned.
Plumbing and wiring are underway.
Up and running! Now to construct some walls.
Constructing the building around the compressors.
Attaching the walls. Beautiful!

Reheat Furnace

This HPU was originally located in a dark basement where maintenance often went undone. Advanced Hydraulic Solutions was commissioned to install a fully closed-loop controlled, true force-determining infeed system for blind loading of material at any time of the day or night. We brought the HPU out of the basement to a more accessible area. We were able to refurbish the stainless steel tank and electric motors to save the customer money on the installation. Some work had to be done to make it fit in its new home. Further, we significantly upgraded the filtration so we could install servo valves out in the plant. This has consistently been one of the most reliable systems we have ever installed.


Automated Coil

This mill came with an automated coil entry positioning system when the mill was constructed in 2002 that would never operate due to poor system design and misapplication of technology. Over the years, several attempts were made by various contractors to make the system work, but no one was successful. In order to make the line run, an operator would need to be continuously measuring and adjusting position the entire time the mill was in operation. AHS was brought in to redesign the system and implement an auto-feed function for the coil entry into the working line of the mill. By simplifying the circuit from a poorly designed eight-valve circuit to a correctly designed two-valve circuit, with a delta controller. Further, we removed the laser positioning system, which was poorly applied for use in this environment, and instead opted for a camera guided system AHS was able to create a well-functioning, simplified, auto-loading coil entry system. By implementing this design, the line now requires one less operator to run, produces greatly improved product quality and is expected to see increased component life due to smoother operation. Estimates show the job will pay for itself in less than two years.

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