Many of our client tell us how challenging they've found it working with distributors in the hydraulic industry. That's why we've set out to make it easier.

The problem is most distributors focus on taking orders and managing their supply chain. They are not in the business of diagnosing or solving problems. As a result you end up dealing with sales and customer service reps who lack technical knowledge and rely on you to know exactly what you need, including the manufacturer and part number.

So is you find yourself with:
• An old obsolete product
• An incorrectly designed system
• A product that is not meeting a service interval
• An incorrectly diagnosed issue
• An incorrectly specified product
...or a host of other issues, your normal distribution house is not going to be able to get you the correct answers you need the first time.

We're A Different Kind of Distributor
Because Advanced Hydraulic Solutions started as a training and consulting firm, we take a holistic approach to distribution.

We partner with our clients to help achieve successful equipment that operates productively for them, and minimizes downtime. That's why we work from system schematics, ask for oil sample reports, and want to know the maintenance and failure history of your equipment.

Here at Advanced Hydraulic Solutions we pride ourselves on going above and beyond, on making sure that what you get isn’t just what you asked for, that it’s the right part for your application.

You wouldn’t be expected to have the expertise in order to access parts and service for nearly any other industry. When you get your toilet fixed, you don’t tell the plumber what valves to bring. When you get your car repaired, you don’t tell you mechanic what spark plugs to use. When fixing your hydraulic system it should not be your responsibility  to tell us exactly what part you need.

Let us be your experts and show you how you could be getting more from your hydraulic distribution house.

We offer a full line of hydraulic products and can meet any distribution needs you may have. For a full list of products, please visit our brands page.

What To Do Next
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