Onsite Repair


Onsite Repair

At Advanced Hydraulic Solutions, our goal is to get you up and running fast and without skimping on quality work. While we practice and preach preventative maintenance, we know that from time to time repairs will be needed. But with every repair, we aim to ensure that you and your equipment are in a better position than before your problem occurred.

Whenever possible we pick fittings and components that match with your existing maintenance programs, we ensure that repairs, new systems, and system retrofits are designed with ease of maintenance. This helps ensure your long-term cost of ownership is as low as possible. Plus every project we quote is quoted in detail so that you know exactly what you are getting ahead of time.

In order to ensure every detail of exceptional hydraulic work is done right, we change every O-ring, pig every new line, and thoroughly clean every nook and cranny that we can access. This way, we leave you with the cleanest systems, longest reliable equipment life, and the best possible outcomes for the money spent.

We also want to give you bang for your buck. That’s why we often recommend combining tasks to ensure the greatest value for our time and effort. In our full system rebuilds and hydraulic system retrofits we believe if we did our job right, you will be doing normal preventative maintenance, and nothing more, for no less than 5 years in standard conditions.

“Good enough” is never good enough for us. Across the board we have the highest standards in the industry. If you’re tired of inconsistent results, inaccurate designs, unfixed issues, unreliable equipment, and easy work turning into difficult headaches, give us a call, we are your solution.

Here are some of the area where we can help you with onsite repairs:

  • Mobile hose repair, fitting replacement and oil leaks evaluation. 
  • Evaluations of low oil indicators, overheating issues, plugged filters, non-functioning actuators, accumulator issues, poor pump or machine performance, maintenance issues, or electric motor issues.
  • Laboratory or real-time oil sampling
  • On-site documentation services for nearly any equipment you may have.
  • Comprehensive machine health evaluations
  • Preventative maintenance schedule creation and implementation support
  • System design and functionality assessments
  • Actuator redesigns and reengineering
  • System redesign and retrofit
  • Plumbing reworks of all sizes
  • Complete system design and installation
  • And so much more…

We work on any equipment large or small and have experience working across many brands and companies. If you need a real solution, and not a quick fix, we are the best choice in the Pacific Northwest.

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