Offsite Repair


Offsite Repair

Here in the Advanced Hydraulic Solutions shop we apply the same exceptionally high standard to our repair and construction work that we do to our on-site work. 

We are focused on the details that are most often overlooked by “typical” repair services. When repairing a cylinder we change every seal, including the seal under the piston. We mic every bore, every rod, and if they are not within specification we do not repair the cylinder. We clean every surface, buff, shin every inch of each part to ensure the repair you get back is as good as possible. We ensure that we have servo-clean oil in our test stand so that the components you get back aren’t adding contamination to your system. 

If 95% of your repairs aren’t lasting 2 years they are not being done correctly, period.

To ensure the accuracy of our repair work we test along the entire operation path. This means pressure testing cylinders for 15 minutes at pressure at no less than 3-5 different points along the cylinder, depending on length, to ensure the entire stroke is functional. This means testing pumps across the entire pressure and RPM range to ensure complete functionality. Full picture details and testing reports are available for any repair we complete so that you have complete transparency for all work that we complete here in our shop.

We also quote new components with every repair at a standard margin. We never inflate repair prices or new product prices to control your decisions or to inflate our profits. If you’d like, we will even provide a complete breakdown of costs associated with your repair just for the asking. Our rates are public knowledge. We have nothing to hide because we are not driven by money, we are motivated to have the largest positive impact on American manufacturing that we can.

If you’re tired of getting less than you deserve for your money, if you’re tired of repairs coming back with dirty oil, if you’re tired of repairs lasting less than a year, if you’re tired of paying more for a repair than you would for a new component give us a call, we are your solution.

Here are some of the repair capabilities we offer in our Newberg shop:

  • Cylinder repair
  • Accumulator repair
  • Full power unit breakdown and evaluation
  • Pump evaluation and repair
  • Valve evaluation and repair
  • Full equipment evaluation and documentation
  • Here in our shop we regularly handle up to 1000 gallon hydraulic systems and manufacture up to 300 HP power units
  • We repair small bore cylinders up to 12’ in length and large bore cylinders up to 6’ stroke length. We can supply new cylinders in any style, length or size to meet your demands.

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