Emergency Hyrdraulic Repair


Emergency Service

At Advanced Hydraulic Solutions, we specialize in getting you running quickly. We know that when things aren’t working, and when your staff is standing around, the only thing that matters is how quickly the problem is solved. We do this differently than other providers, or than many maintenance staffs. We disagree with the ‘throw parts at it’ mentality. We will never change a part that we are not sure is the issue. We pride ourselves at being ‘the fastest brains in the west’ when it comes to hydraulics. We can diagnose your issue faster and more accurately than any other service provide. This is because we spend our days teaching students all the fundamental concepts of hydraulics so the knowledge is deeply embedded in the brains of each AHS technician you will see. When the only thing that matter is how quick a problem is solved, rest assured that we have your solution.To accomplish these tasks we are set-up to provide same day- emergency troubleshooting and repair services for nearly any simple or complex hydraulic issue. We can provide same day mobile hose repair, fitting replacement and oil leaks evaluation and repair. We can breakdown parts and determine cause of failures on site and have a collection of various components designed to get you going when you need to, even if an exact replacement isn’t immediately possible. We can deliver any amount of hydraulic fluid same-day to ensure your system is ready to run as soon as the repair is completed. We also work with manufacturers that sport the lowest lead times in the business to provide you next-day delivery of nearly any needed hydraulic component to ensure Band-Aid fixes remain in service for as short of time as possible.If you need to get running right away we are the best choice for expert onsite repair in the Pacific Northwest. We are available 1 hour from the time you call, plus drive time during normal business hours, and 2 hours plus drive time after hours 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to meet your needs.

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