Not All Hydraulic Systems Are The Same. But The Fundamentals Are.

It started with an idea…

Not all hydraulic systems are the same.
But the fundamentals are.


Started in 2009, Advanced Hydraulic Solutions has been providing comprehensive hydraulic training and consulting to clients across the western regions of the United States. We serve clients in a range of industries, including wood products, steel, paper, food, and manufacturing. Our clients trust our work and continue to re-engage us because we consistently deliver beyond expectations.

My partnership with Scott has been amazing and continues to grow the reliability and efficiency of our operation... Scott continues to advance my skill and the capabilities for our team.
Nick DeLaGrange, Feralloy Corporation

Since 1996, our founder and principal instructor, Scott McLoughlin, has been training and supervising industrial maintenance teams across a wide range of hydraulic systems. While other trainers specialize in single manufacturer hydraulics equipment, Scott has built a career on his ability to work with any and every system he’s encountered. That’s because he focuses on fundamentals and the big picture, rather than specific manufacturer’s systems.

Which is why when Scott opened Advanced Hydraulic Systems’ doors in 2009, he knew that his training and consulting work would take the same “fundamentals first” approach. By structuring training and consulting projects this way, Advanced Hydraulic Systems provides our clients with the ability to troubleshoot and solve problems faster and at a lower cost.

Scott and Advanced Hydraulic Solutions’ other instructors have collectively graduated more than 1400 students through comprehensive hands-on hydraulic training classes, providing the community with much needed hydraulic knowledge.

No matter what your hydraulic needs, Advanced Hydraulic Solutions can find a solution to your problem.

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