Hydraulic Training

Enable maintenance staff to work more effectively!

Get the most from existing hydraulic equipment!

Eliminate needless component replacement!

Decrease unscheduled downtime!

Reduce operating costs!

Logical troubleshooting and critical

 thinking skills turn reactive whistle

 chasers into proactive technicians.

True hands-on training sessions utilize modern hydraulic technology.

Learn to read schematics for fast, effective troubleshooting.

Concise training lectures lay a solid foundation in hydraulic theory.


In contrast to many other training providers, Advanced Hydraulic Solutions Essential Hydraulics training is not just a thinly disguised sales pitch. AHS, Inc. is not associated with any particular company’s products or services.


We empower attendees with knowledge, reinforced by experience they can really use, everyday on the job.



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Pascal’s Law

 Principles of Flow

 Heat and Horsepower

 Schematic Reading

 Series and Parallel Circuits

 Linear and Rotary Actuators

 Flow Control Valves

 Directional Control Valves

 Hydraulic Pumps

 Pressure Control Valves

 Hydraulic Accessories

 Cartridge Valves & Manifolds

 Contamination Control

 Integrated Hands-On Labs

 Comprehensive Lab Projects

Who Should Attend AHS Hydraulic Training?


Millwrights | Electricians | Supervisors | Planners | Purchasers

 Anyone who needs to really understand hydraulics!


All attendees receive easy to understand, richly illustrated learning materials, as well as invaluable reference tools to take back to the job.

What our customers say:

What I learned in this class will greatly improve my ability to perform my job. I have learned more in 3 days than in years on the job.

 -Hank Nemetz,

  Simpson Timber


Mr. McLoughlin is an excellent instructor.

He has the ability to make complex situations clear and obvious.

 -Aaron Poquette,

  Hampton Lumber


Training information enabled me to solve a long-term problem on an existing system.

 -Dan Radcliffe,

  Simpson Timber


The course was very good. Learned basic hydraulics and more. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn more about hydraulics.

 -Jeremiah Graham,

  Cascade Steel

One Day Seminars:

 • Hydraulic Principles Refresher – Maybe it's been awhile?


 • Fluid Lines & Connectors – Quit wasting time.


 • Hydraulic Safety InstructionSave lives, save money.

Learning is not compulsory...

neither is survival.

Hydraulic Hands-On Trainer

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Essential Hydraulics #1


More Essential Hydraulics #2


Accumulator Safety


• Ace Troubleshooting

Solutions for your hydraulic system problems!

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